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A rendering of A skyscraper in a cliff, a tall building in the beach implementing rocks and a reef resort, using mangrove like support structure all built to withstand, in a dramatic pre-tsunami scene as contribution to the Evolo 2019 Skyscraper Competition.

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My name is Tim Fischer and I am a Milan/Berlin based computational designer with an M.Sc. in Architecture and Urban Design from Politecnico di Milano.

Since 2014 I have been consulted by a variety of clients and been part of a wide spectrum of projects, covering small prototyping, architectural design, structural analysis and optimization, website design, and plugin development.

In 2021, I published a research paper on 'Responsive Systems in Seismic Computational Design'; specifically architectural early design phase implementation. The published work is now available within the IASS conference proceedings.

Besides design, I have a passion for making tools for designers, engineers, and fabrication. I developed various C# scripts and plugin components and worked full-time as a backend developer for over a year.

My goal is to use computational design to create innovative and performance-oriented solutions for various challenges in AEC, software development, automation, algorithmic solutions, agent-based exploration, carpentry and fabrication.

I am always interested in consulting and collaboration proposals, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


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