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Competition in Korea - International Colaboration
A perspective of a free from paneled organic facade. The project is part of professional training, to illustrate simplicity in reoccurring tasks.

Curvature Control

Efficient Rebuild

Attractor Point

Substituting Lightsource

Direct Shading

Subsurface Shadows

Discrete Modeling

Mechanical Behavior

Distance Dependent Behavior

Exponential Control

(hover to reveal details)

Seoul birds view
Context Evaluation
GIS imported site
OSM - Data
Importing Surrounding

Importing Open Street Map data

Extracting relevant information

Building 3d mesh background

Exporting categories into layer

urban design
Ground Floor Plan
Formfinding Strategy
GH blob tool result
Envelope Tool

Defining target consens and flexibility wish list within team

Creating input paremeter sets

Developing strategies

Testing and optimizing performance

Releasing functional tool to team

GH blob tool work steps
interior view museum
Photo of Seoul with rendering of museum in it
Translation Algorithm
T- Splines to NURBS

Establishing Workflow

using Rhinoceros 5

Referencing T-Spline geometry

Reverse engineering geometry

by 3d tracing using heuristics

Refining script into useful tool

sun study
museum with perforated roof
Roof Perforation
Daylight Control

Sun study using Ladybug

Simulating Daylight Performance for

layered roof elements

Perforating layered Roof- Elements according Sun study

Optimizing boolean algorithm

Meshing resultant NURBS geometry

staircase details
interior render
stair generation between organic floors
Stair generation tool

Setting up ruleset for national law

Exploring different systems

Deciding for contrast in design over continuous form language

Setting up connecting platforms

extruding handrails

backing and releasing geometry

perforated roof panels from below with stairs
Seoul museum night render
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